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Tonal Tinnitus Therapy

Tonal Tinnitus Therapy can help you when you suffer from tonal tinnitus. It is based on the principles of acoustic neuromodulation. This is the easy solution for you, using your smartphone to combine the therapy with your daily activities.

Acoustic neuromodulation is helpful for some people, but for others it doesn't have any effect. It is recommended to use the therapy app four hours a day. Maybe you notice directly a positive effect, for others it can take several months up to a half year. If there is no effect after a half year, acoustic neuromodulation probably doesn't work for you.

The basic mechanism is that you hear very short therapy tones that are based on your Tinnitus tone. The app let's you find the frequency of your Tinnitus tone and calculates four therapy tones (two lower than your tone, and two higher). When you play the therapy tones on your smartphone or tablet, you can in the meantime do other things on your phone or tablet. It is strongly recommended to use a good quality headset. You can read about the scientific background of acoustic neuromodulation in the article Counteracting tinnitus by acoustic coordinated reset neuromodulation

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Health Sync

Samsung Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Health Mate (Withings), Oura Ring and Fitbit: great health apps that don't communicate with each other. Do you have health data in Samsung Health and you want it in Google Fit? Or the other way around: health data from Google Fit to Samsung Health. Or is your health data tracked in Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Health Mate (Withings), Oura Ring or Fitbit, and do you want to use Samsung Health or Google Fit? Then Health Sync is the solution for you!

Samsung Health permissions issue Samsung withdrew accidentally all permissions for Health Sync on August 30, 2019. The problem is solved but if you still can't enable Samsung Health permissions for Health Sync, please do the following: 
- Open Samsung Health
- Go to the Settings menu in Samsung Health
- Select 'Samsung account' and arrange the account if you didn't do it before
- Select 'Sync now' and wait till the sync finishes succesfully
- Then reboot your phone
- After the reboot, open Health Sync and enable the sync option(s)

Health Sync synchronizes health data between Samsung Health, Google Fit, Garmin Connect, Polar Flow, Suunto, Health Mate (Withings), Oura Ring and Fitbit. You can sync steps, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, water intake, nutrition, sleep and activities/workouts/exercises from Samsung Health to Google Fit or reverse. Syncing from Fitbit, Polar, Health Mate (Withings), Oura Ring or Garmin is a little more limited, due to technical limitations.

Health Sync is easy in use, once it runs, it will continue running without disturbing you. You define how many times it should sync each day.

Google account connection problem. Currently (July 2019) there is a problem for some users who see a blank screen with a spinning wheel when trying to connect Health Sync to Google Fit. This happens only with accounts. You can solve it as follows: In a webbrowser login to your gmail account and go to gmail settings. Go to the "accounts and import" tab and find the entry "send as" for your gmail account. Next to it you have to use the link "change to" and confirm that.

Your privacy is safe when using Health Sync. See the privacy policy. Health Sync is not a free app, but you get a free trial for one week and the choice to do a one time purchase or subscription if you want to continue using Health Sync.

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