Samsung phones – Android 12 and 13

With Android 12 or 13 on Samsung phones, there are phone settings that restrict background processes for apps. Due to the default Samsung phone configuration, some sync update messages cannot be processed in the background. Another problem could be that the automatic synchronization is not working properly.

You can easily solve this, but it requires a few actions. You see the required configuration changes below, together with screenshots:

First open the Settings menu/app on your phone

Select “Battery and device care”

Click on the ‘Battery’ section in the device care page

Make sure Power saving is turned off, as shown in the screenshot.

Scroll down where you see the option ‘More battery settings’.

Click on the ‘More battery settings’

Make sure ‘Adaptive battery’ is disabled as shown in the screenshot.

Go back to the previous screen and click on the Background usage limits

Make sure to disable ‘Put unused apps to sleep’ as shown in the screenshot.
Check that Health Sync is not listed with Sleep apps, deep sleeping apps, and if possible add it to ‘never sleep apps’.
Go back to the main screen on your phone where you see the Health Sync app icon
  1. Long press on the Health Sync icon
  2. Select ‘App info’ in the popup menu. Sometimes you don’t see ‘App info’ but just a tiny circle with the letter i inside, then you can click on the tiny button
  3. Select the ‘Battery’ menu
  4. Make sure ‘Unrestricted’ is selected
You are ready!