Privacy Policy Smart Alert

Smart Alert uses sensitive permissions on your phone to collect information. The following sensitive permissions are required:


Usage access: for tracking usage of apps installed on your device

Phone state: for detecting phone calls

Your location: for calculating the distance you travel


Smart Alert does not send the collected data to others. All data remains on your phone. The collected data is stored within the app storage space on your phone and will be removed when you uninstall the app.


When you choose the option to send information to the app developer, part of the sensitive information is sent to the app developer. No information is sent that can identify you as a person (no name, birthdate, phone number or other detail that could make it possible to identify you). A secure connection is used based on a HTTPS connection. The data is sent to a secure server that can't be accessed by others than the app developer. The data will be analyzed and then deleted, within two weeks after you sent the information. The same applies when you enable the option to send information for solving app bugs.


If you have questions about the Smart Alert privay policy, you can use the contact page on this site.