Huawei Health region change (non-Huawei phone)

Huawei only supports Huawei Health Kit in a limited number of countries/regions. Huawei Health Kit is required for the sync with third party apps like Health Sync. If Huawei Health Kit is not supported in your country/region, Health Sync has informed you.

There is a solution to trick Huawei into thinking you are in a different country/region. This workaround requires you to create a new Huawei ID. This means that you will lose access to your current Huawei Health data, as the Huawei Health data is stored with your Huawei ID. Purchases you make through the Huawei AppGallery are also saved with your Huawei ID. When you change the Huawei ID, you will lose access to your existing purchase data. If that’s not a problem and you want to sync from Huawei Health for new data you track with Huawei Health, you can try the workaround.

The workaround actions described on this page are meant for Huawei Health on a non-Huawei phone. If you use a Huawei phone, please check the workaround description on the site

Please complete the following steps:

  1. open Huawei Health
  2. select the “Me” tab
  3. click on your account name in the top left corner
  4. in the Account center page, scroll down and click on LOG OUT
  5. now put your phone in airplane mode (no internet access)
  6. open Huawei Health
  7. the account login page appears, choose “Register”
  8. select country, choose a country that supports the Huawei Health Kit. You can check the list of countries in Health Sync or choose for example Japan, Mongolia, Belarus, Italy or United Kingdom.
  9. now enable the internet connection again by disabling the airplane mode
  10. continue with the following steps, if you need to give your phone number, the phone number selection page let you choose again a country/region, here you can select your own country and use your phone number
  11. when you finish the configuration, you should see the Health Kit option like shown here: