Huawei Health – Checklist

When the sync with Huawei Health is not working, you can do a few checks to solve the sync problem.

Keep the screen on during the sync

Make sure  you keep the screen on during every sync, because only then Health Sync is allowed to read the data from Huawei Health

Background process settings (only for Huawei phones)

  1. Open your phone settings menu
  2. Open the Battery menu
  3. Make sure that “Performance mode”, “Power saving mode” and “Ultra Power Saving mode” are all three disabled
  4. Then select the App Launch menu
  5. You get a list of all your apps. Search for Health Sync and select the button: set it to “manage manually” and accept all three background options.

Upload/sync Huawei Health to the Huawei cloud

  1. open Huawei Health
  2. click on the ‘Me’ tab
  3. select ‘Privacy management’
  4. check the section ‘Data syncing management’ and make sure that sync personal info to cloud, sync fitness data to cloud and sync health data to cloud are all three enabled.

Sync Huawei Health with Health Kit

  1. open Huawei Health
  2. select the tab “Me”
  3. select the menu “Settings”
  4. check if “Auto-sync” data is enabled
  5. click on Sync (with the “Sync data manually” option) to sync now, this will sync  the Huawei Health data to Huawei Health Kit. This is required, because Health Sync gets the data from Huawei Health Kit.

Normally you can sync Huawei Health with Health Kit in an easy way:

  1. open Huawei Health
  2. swipe down in the main screen of Huawei Health, you will briefly see ‘syncing’ at the top of the screen

But when this doesn’t work, use the “Sync data manually” option described above.