Reset connected Huawei Health account

If Health Sync shows you that it is connected to the wrong Huawei account, you can solve this with the following actions. We wish it would be easier to do this, but currently there is no easy one-click solution.

Go through the list of steps from top to bottom.

Check which account is linked to your Huawei Health app

You first need to know which Huawei account is your active Huawei Health account:

  1. open Huawei Health
  2. select the “Me” tab
  3. click on your account icon in the top of the “Me” screen
  4. select “Personal info”
  5. check the email address or phone number that is shown on the “Personal info” page, you need the email address or phone number to connect Health Sync with your Huawei account

Reconnect Health Sync to your Huawei Health account

Now you can reconnect Health Sync to your active Huawei account, using the phone number or email address that you found on the ‘Personal info’ page in Huawei Health (the first action on this site).

  1. open Health Sync
  2. you probably see the popup about the wrong Huawei account, click on OK
  3. you now should see the ‘Health Kit Authorization’ screen
  4. click on the Huawei Health Kit icon at the top of the screen to start the reconnect process
  5. Health Sync will first unlink your connected Huawei account, you will see after a short time a Health Sync message on a green website. On older phones, Health Sync will automatically open again, on newer phones you will receive a notification that you need to tap.
  6. then Health Sync will proceed with the new authorization, you will see the Huawei authorization page. Please use the email address or phone number that you saw on the “Personal Info” page in Huawei Health in combination with your password to login to your Huawei account.
  7. you will again see a Health Sync message on a green website, and again receive a notification (if you have a relatively new phone). When you tap on the notification Health Sync will open to finalize the authorization process.
  8. then Health Sync will ask you to do a new check if the linked Huawei account is the active account you use in the Huawei Health app. If you logged in with the correct email or phone number then the check should show that everything is ok now.

If the sync doesn’t start working

If you can’t connect Health Sync with your active Huawei Health account, or the sync doesn’t start working, then please send a problem report: open the Help Center menu in Health Sync and select the last option: Report another problem. Follow the directions to send the report.