Health Sync Service Status

Garmin consumed calories

June 24, 2022: Garmin removed the ability for third-party apps such as Health Sync to read the calories (nutrition) data consumed from Garmin Connect. It is no longer possible to synchronize the calories consumed that you see in Garmin Connect (imported from MyFitnessPal) with Fitbit, Samsung Health or Google Fit. Garmin has tacitly removed this option, so we just became aware of this change. The option to sync Garmin nutritional data with other apps will be removed with the next Health Sync update.


Huawei Health and Android 13 (beta)

June 27, 2022: Huawei doesn't yet support Android 13 for the HMS Core package. HMS Core is required for the sync with Huawei Health Kit. So with Android 13 (currently beta) the sync with Huawei Health won't work. Huawei informed us that they expect to support Android 13 for HMS Core in October 2022.


All services are running normally.


If you have a sync problem, please send a problem report: open the Help Center menu in Health Sync and select the last option: Report another problem. Then follow the directions to send the report.


If you have questions about the Health Sync service status, you can use the contact page on this site.