Phones with Android 12 or 13

With Android 12 or 13, there are phone settings that restrict background processes for apps. Due to the defaultphone configuration, some sync update messages cannot be processed in the background. Another problem could be that the automatic synchronization is not working properly.

You can easily solve this, but it requires a few actions.

First open the Settings menu/app on your phone. Then check for the following topics (probably in the Battery submenu of the Settings menu):

  1. Make sure that your phone doesn’t use a power saving mode, or battery optimization mode.
  2. Check for other restrictions that could harm the background processing of Health Sync and make sure that Health Sync can run without any restrictions in the background.
  3. If there is an option to auto-start or auto-launch (not always there is such an option in the battery menu) then allow Health Sync to auto-start in the background.

When you sync with Huawei Health, then apply step 2 and step 3 not only to Health Sync, but also to HMS Core and Huawei Health.